Find No1 Instagram Truth And Dare Games For Story

In this Post We are sharing Instagram top best Instagram Truth And Dare Games, Questions Answer Quiz. So, If you want to make fun on Instagram by playing dare games with your fan followers, then share our images in our Instagram story and make a lot of fans with your fan, friends followers.

We present a new interactive Truth or Dare game for your Instagram stories.

How to play truth or dare on instagram story :

 β€’ If you’re challenging friends, expect a challenge in return! πŸ‘Š
 β€’ Always tag the friend you are challenging and give them a timeframe to complete the challenge (no more than 24 hours) ⏳
 β€’ Answer a challenge by reposing the original story and then posting the finished result πŸ₯΅
 β€’ Get out of your comfort zone and be creative πŸ€ͺ
 β€’ If other users see that someone who has been challenged has not completed the task, send them a direct message and ask them to complete it πŸ’₯
 β€’ If you can, use the hashtag #Instagramgeme 

Scroll down and Find the unique Instagram truth and dare games and share, 
instagram dare games dm
                   Instagram dare games dm

These all are the interesting and loving Instagram dare games with questions and answers. You love to share with your close friend, relative, fan followers, crush and lover etc. Make lots of fun by sending these Instagram dare games messages to all of them.

Truth or Dare is the fun game for a party to get to know your friends better.


Short truth and dare games for Instagram story :

instagram truth dare games for story or friends
Instagram truth dare games for story or friends

How many times did you lie to your parents?

2020 dare games for instagram
2020 dare games for instagram
  What is your dream work?

Instagram Truth or Dare Story Questions to ask a guy or a girl.

Share These Instagram dare games with your account story, Use font color effects of Instagram, There are so many types of filters on Instagram. and make fun with by playing Instagram  Truth and Dare Games.

Instagram story games if you choose β€œTruth” while playing truth and dare.

What was the biggest funny mistake πŸ™‚ in your life? Share the fact?
Will you πŸ’˜ vote for the current πŸ˜ƒ president to win again?
What is the worst experience in your 😍  life?
Are you using  😝  filters on every photo before πŸ˜ƒ uploading?
What were you thinking,  while πŸ™‚ the rest were singing happy birthday πŸ’– for you?
Which past πŸ’˜ experience you want to change 😍  in life?
Tell us that one thing you are πŸ˜… hiding from parents.

Instagram story Game If you choose β€œDare” to do anything and need Instagram questions

Wear a funny β€˜kick-me’ 😝  sign for the next one hour.
Just 😍  ask for a cup of sugar, from your πŸ’˜ neighbor.
Pour πŸ’– an ice cube in your shoulder πŸ’˜ and express the 😍  feeling without words
Change your relationship πŸ’– status from Relationship to single, and vice versa.
Wear your 😝  underwear over πŸ™‚ your head for the πŸ’˜ entire game.
Tell your πŸ’˜ mom how much you are sad for not having a boyfriend  πŸ˜… or girlfriend.
Take a selfie with the person next to you 😝  and post with an emotional caption.
Go out and say πŸ’– I love you to  😝  the first person you meet.

Instagram story dares challenges for crush :

Instagram is an incredible fun application for every younger and lovers that can make lot of fun. there are lots of interesting things that to do such as story dare for Instagram, we have different type of Instagram question dares games for story, truth dare game questions Instagram, love games for Instagram, dm games to play on Instagram, Instagram challenges or activity dares.

What’s your first gift in 2020?

January: Iphone X
February: Lipstick
March: A Surprised Kiss
April: A flight ticket
May: 10 Million
June: A Water Bottle
July: A Banana
August: AVilla
September: A Pan
October : A Lover
November: No Gift For Whole Year
December: A Pan

How many people are falling in love with you?

January – 2
February – 5
March – 18
April -0
May -3
June -1
July – 122
August – Nobody
September – Too many
October – Last chatted person
November – The one next to you
December – Ghost

What do you want from Me?

Phone Number
Second chance
TO Chill
A     long term relationship
An advice
An apology
Be my Best friend
I just love you
Be mine
Chat you
Sing with me
Text message
A smile

 Top 10 Truth and Dare Games For Instagram

  1. Have you ever purposed any teacher at School College? πŸ˜ƒ
  2. Express your favourite colour without naming it. 😊
  3. Send me a picture of what your doing now. 😁
  4. 😎 who am I for you?
  5. Make my name as yours instagram status saying that You want to marry me soon.
  6. Have you ever fallen in love at first sight? πŸ˜ƒ
  7. Act like a Gorilla for the next few minutes. 😳
  8. My Quality that attracts you?  πŸ˜›
  9. What is the biggest wish of your life? πŸ˜™ 
  10. Which is the biggest secret that you have not told your boyfriend or girlfriend? 😍
short dare games for instagram
short dare games for instagram

 Tell me the name of your first Girlfriend/Boyfriend?
instagram dare games for friends
instagram dare games for friends
Have you ever say no by purposing someone?

Instagram Question Answer Game for Story

Dm Games :

Select a single alphabet from A to Z, within a mint, Want want to know how much you love me. choose a alphabet fast then i will give you answer.

Answer Is :

 A = Tumko Khona Nahi Chahta
 B = Only Friendship
 C = Hate You
 D = Waiting For You
 E = Big Enemy For You
 F = Like You Very Much
 G = Very Rude Answer
 H = Jaan De Sakta Hu/Sakti Hu
 I = Love You But Not Showing
 J = Good Lover
 K = Good Feelings For You Very Sincere
 L = Never Lose You
 M = Care For You
 N = True Love
 O = Angry With You
 P = Following You
 Q = Want To Meet You
 R = Love You
 S = Really Love You
 T = Never Live Without
 U = Ignore You
 V = Always Respect You
 W = Love You so Much
 Y = Like You
 Z = Sacha Pyaar Hai

Instagram truth and dare games for Friends :

What is your most embarrassing moment?
Do you have a crush?
Do you dance alone when no one is there?
What has surprised you most in life?